Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Teaser Tuesday {20.08.2013}

My teaser :

"With a sudden jolt the train shuddered to a halt,the brakes screeching on the tracks .
Ant and Sally woke with a start .The carriage was empty . They were the only passengers left on the train.They shivered in the icy air .It seemed  to be  much colder.Outside - the station name loomed out of the fog.This was it - the end of the line."
pg5 The Midnight Ghosts by Emma Fischel  
One for the kids again !

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Teaser Tuesday {13.08.3013}

Teaser :

"Lucky I remembered Rule One of Jungle Journeying " said Arthur , delving into his pockets.
"Carry a map and compass at all times."
He triumphantly brandished a map, but the paper was damp and rotten and it fell to pieces.
Agent Arthur's Jungle Journey by Martin Oliver  

One for the kids today just for a change !