Monday, 31 March 2014

The Unexpected Waltz

Kelly Wilder becomes recently widowed from a much older wealthy man with whom she spent her married life doing charity work, building a lovely home, and, as she says, “pretending to be a whole lot more conservative and stupid and nicer than I really am.”

Now, with too much time and money on her hands, Kelly has absolutely no idea what happens next. So on a whim she signs up for a ballroom dancing class, and slowly, step by high-heeled step, begins to rebuild her life with the help of friends old and new: Nik, a young Russian dance teacher who sees the artistic potential she left behind; Carolina, a woman in hospice, anxious to experience a whole lifetime in a few months; and Elyse, Kelly’s girlhood best friend who knows all of her past secrets—including the truth about the man who long ago broke Kelly’s heart.

Thursday, 27 March 2014


A poignant story of love, loss, redemption - and ultimately hope - set in the Middle Ages against a backdrop of knightly virtues, honour and courtly love.Set in the last days of the age of Chivalry, this is the story of a King’s champion - Sir Gregory Averill - who, robbed of the love of his beautiful wife Mariel and stripped of all he had worked for and achieved, still found the will and strength to overcome his despair and, in the process, carry a king to victory on the battlefields of France.

Book 1 in the English Warriors series.
Cathryn and Greneforde are as one; to possess the woman is to possess the land. William, a knight under King Henry, has been gifted Greneforde Tower as a reward for his service to the king. Greneforde, and Cathryn, are now William's. They marry within the hour of his arrival, and Cathryn is outwardly obedient to the combined wills of God, King, and husband.
But is she truly so? William thinks not. He begins to believe that some treachery is brewing in his beautiful wife's heart, that she plans to resist consummating their marriage, thereby nullifying it and denying him Greneforde, the home he has fought for through long years. He is determined that Cathryn will deny him nothing; not her land, and not her body.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Teaser Tuesdays {25.03.2013]

My teaser :
Mr.Lindsey was always one of the coolest of hands at receiving news of a startling nature, and now,instead of breaking out into exclamations , he just nodded his head , and dropped into the nearest  chair.
"Aye ?" he remarked quietly ."So ,her ladyship's disappeared ,too,has she?And when,did you get to hear that now ?"
"Half an hour ago" replied Murray ."The butler at Hathercleugh House has just been in -driven over in a hurry -to tell us.What do you make of it at all?"
pg135 Deadmen's Money by J.S Fletcher 

Monday, 24 March 2014

The Power of Visual Story Telling

It’s all about your image!
Visual marketing is the breakout trend of the year, thanks to the rise of social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram.
The Power of Visual Storytelling explains how companies and brands can develop a strategic visual marketing strategy as an extension of their overall marketing and social media plans. It explains how to define goals and create, curate, and promote highly visual content and stories that engage audiences across a range of social media platforms. Along with full-color screenshots and graphics, the book provides case studies from leading brands that exemplify best practices in visual marketing and storytelling.
Ekaterina Walter, a passionate marketer and author of the Wall Street Journal bestseller "Think Like Zuck", writes and speaks on topics of leadership, business innovation, and digital revolution. After spending 10 years as an integrated marketer and social media leader at Intel and Accenture, she is now a co-founder and partner at CMO at Branderati. She is also an active member of the Thunderbird Global Council at Thunderbird School of Global Management.
Jessica Gioglio is the Social Media Manager for Dunkin' Donuts.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Murder in Burgundey

The Winemaker Detective leaves his native Bordeaux to go to Burgundy for a dream wine tasting trip to France's other key wine-making region. Between Beaune, Dijon and Nuits-Saint-Georges, it turns into a troubling nightmare when he stumbles upon a mystery revolving around messages from another era. What do they mean? What dark secrets from the deep past are haunting the Clos de Vougeot? Does blood need to be shed to sharpen people's memory? 

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Teaser Tuesdays {15.032014}

My teaser :

"Mr.David Hume ".
Reginald Brett, barrister -detective ,twisted around in his easy-chair to permit the light to fall clearly on the card handed to him by his man -servant.
"What does Mr.David Hume look like ,Smith?" he asked.
"A gentleman , sir".
The Stowmarket Mystery by Luis Tracy pg4. btw this was published in 1904!
A belated Happy St.Patricks Day all ! The correct form is St.Paddy's day .The irish is Padraig .

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Teaser Tuesdays {11.03.2014}

My teaser :

"Made it himself !" muttered Pratt ."Um - looks as if he wanted to keep the terms secret.Well - -"
He read the will through- rapidly ,but with care ,murmuring the phraseology half aloud.
"This is the last will of me , John Mallathorpe , of Normandale , in the West Riding of the County of York."  pg 13 The Talleyrand Maxim by J.S.Fletcher 

I'm really enjoying the older books what a selection AdobeDigital Editions have!

Monday, 10 March 2014

Musing Mondays {10.03.2014}

Musing Mondays asks you to muse about one of the following each week…
• Describe one of your reading habits.
• Tell us what book(s) you recently bought for yourself or someone else, and why you chose that/those book(s).
• What book are you currently desperate to get your hands on? Tell us about it! 
• Tell us what you’re reading right now — what you think of it, so far; why you chose it; what you are (or, aren’t) enjoying it.
• Do you have a bookish rant? Something about books or reading (or the industry) that gets your ire up? Share it with us!
• Instead of the above questions, maybe you just want to ramble on about something else pertaining to books — let’s hear it, then!
My musing :
I'm currently waiting on The Summer Quuen by Elizabeth Chadwick .One of my fav authors ,had to wait for the paperback .

Just in from Netgalley one of my requests Josephine by Kate Williams