Saturday, 6 August 2011

Review : The Vow by Juliana Garnett

Channeling the passion and pageantry of another time, Juliana Garnett weaves a tale of sworn enemies for whom surrender might as well mean death—until they meet each other. Dispatched by William of Normandy to quell a brazen Saxon rebellion, Luc Louvat believes that his mission will be easily accomplished. For what foolish Saxon lord has any hope against an army of seasoned Norman knights? But the great warrior is in for a shock: His adversary is no crusty, aging nobleman but an exquisite princess who looks as fragile as a flower—and yet fights with a will as steely as the sword she wields. Suddenly Luc is waging a dangerous new war—aimed at the defenses of a fierce Saxon beauty who threatens to conquer his warrior’s heart. Ceara is a ferocious warrior and proud daughter to the Saxon lord of Wolfridge, and any man would be a fool to challenge her. So how could she ever surrender to this hulking mercenary sent by the Norman bastard who has already taken so much? Ceara has made a sacred vow to fight at all costs, never yielding to her enemy. But that was before she met her match in Luc, the one man who could rival the intensity of her courage—and the heat of her passion.

This i my first ebook from NetGalley and my first review!{be gentle!}
I really enjoyed The Vow and Juliana Garnett has woven her story well.
I couldn't stop reading it .
                                                rating 4stars.

Legacy a thrilling romance of many twists and turns.
An entertaining read.
                            rating:   4strars

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