Saturday, 9 November 2013

Reading roundup . {Nov08}

Books read so far :

Series :
GreyWolves :  "Prince of Wolves" by Quinnloftis Free , "Blood Rites " by Quinnloftis €2.49, 
"Just One Drop" by Quinnloftis €2.49, "Out Of The Dark "by Quinnloftis €2.49, 
"Beyond The Veil " by Quinnloftis €2.49, "Fate and Fury " by Quinnloftis €3.49,
Jack Reacher : "High Heat " by Lee Child €1.99, "Never Go Back " by Lee Child  €15.99,
"The Affair " by Lee Child €6.49, "A Wanted Man " by Lee Child €6.49 ,"Deep Down" by Lee Child €1.99
"Second Son "by Lee Child €1.99.

Nebador series :
Book 1 The Test
Book2 The Journey €1.99
Book3   Selection €1.99
Book4 Flight Training €1.99
Book5 Back To The Stars €1.99
Book6 Star Station €1.99

Book7 Local Universe €1.99

"Dreams of Grey " by Maurice Lawless Free, "Chance Encounter "by Coral Moore Free,I didn't really like this one .
"Legend of the White Wolf - The Forgotten Ones "by Crystal DawnFree .

"Inferno" by Dan Brown €12.99
"The Ode Less Traveled " by Stephen Fry €6.49, "Paper Weight" by Stephen Fry.€6.49

Other : 
Writing : 
"Write Good Or Die" by Scott , 
"Top 10 Writing Tips", Discover the Writer In You" by Dee White ,free
"The Writing Sampler"by Bryan Cohen , free
"How To Work For Yourself 100 Ways To Make Time,Energy And Priorities" by Bryan Cohen .Free
"So You Want To Write A Book ....Are You Ready?" by Lynn Klippel , free
"Planning Before Writing A Novel "by Shruti Chandra , €0.99
"Free Guide To Self- Publishing And Book Promotion :Inside Secrets.. "by Valerie Estelle Frankel , free
"Useful Free Websites For Creative Writers" by Jessica Hassett,free
"Become The Expert In Your Field "by Roger Wyer, free
"Creative Writing" by Academy of Achievement ,free
"Self Publishing Using IBooks Author" by JAMLF University Press ,free
"Create An EBook With Pages And Keynote"by Alberto Pian ,free
"Create Your First Interactive Book Using iBooks Author "by Ted Bendixson & Neils van Spauwen,
"How To Write A Book In 30 Days" by Karen Weisner ,free
"How To Write Fiction " by The Guardian.€2.99
How To Write A Book In 30 Days by Karen Weisner .€2.99

"How I Created A Successful Website " by
"34 Tips On HowTo Make & Save Some Money" by Dennis
"Confessions Of A Free Lancer " by Chris
"How To Find The Job,Career Or Business Role That's Right For You " by Celine
"Discover A Niche And Sell It Online " by Jeannie Pitt .free
"How To Create Your Own Apps Business,Making Money By Selling" by
"iPad And IPhone App Developement " by Daniel .H. Stienberg .free
"How To Draw Step-By Step" by Kaylea
"iPad User Guide For iOs7 "by Apple Inc."Guide To iOS7 by Shane Richmond .free
"8000+ Riddles And Answers To The Riddles" by Jack Riddle .free.
I am so glad this is free !Poor spelling ,what appears to be text speak .Then there is "I don't know what the answer is I was hoping you would know" ?!  Not recommended .
"500 Must Have Apps 2013 Edition " by The Telegraph .free
"iPad Mini Guide " by Macworld Editors. free
Blessed are the Introverts by Mark.D.Stucky . free
101 Things to sell online by Jeannie Pitt. free
Yes I like kids ,No I don't want any by Selina Brown free
The positive thinking secret by Aaron Kenner . free.Misleading title ! Not a self-help .
80 Tips to develop self esteem by Anne Guibert .free
The ultimate beginners guide to blog marketing by Greg Bunting .free
"Where's The Money?" by Ruth Ann Nordin. Free
"The Ten Commandments of Earning Money Online by Gary Hicks  .Free

Secrets of Ebook Publishing Success by Mark Cocker. Free
Savy book marketing secrets by Diana Lynn Smyth .free
Marketing your Ebook by Chris Robley , Brian Felzen and Stephen
Create your blog from scratch by Angelos Papaionnidios .free
Steve Jobs Agenda by Harry Wessleng .free
Gad chic unofficial guide to Siri by gad chick .free
The Essential Guide to Internet Marketing by CloudTactix
Learn Skip Tracing by Valerie McGilvrey .free
Maximize your Potential : the simple secrets by Michael Atlas .free
The Plantagenets by Dan Jones.€7.99
Dead Interesting by Glasnevin Cemetery.€4.99
Don't bully me because I'm different,I'm an Aspie by Laura
The BiPolar Bible by Joseph Vincent Scarrino .free
"Quiet " by Susan Cain.€6.49.Excellant .Love this book 
"Free Private Treatment For Anxiety Or Depression " by Hugh

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