Monday, 18 August 2014

Switch On {18.08.2014}

Reconnect your heart. Rewire your brain. Remix your world.

When we choose to "Switch On" to life, we have the choice to turn every single problem that we face into an opportunity to become better versions of ourselves and to find true, lasting fulfilment and freedom. Everything that happens to us in life can "make" us feel resentful of what life has "done" to us. Our creative potential can be sucked from us, and we can start to live within our comfort zone and get trapped in patterns from our past that are no longer of use. Molehills become mountains. Stress levels rise. Our health drops. We stop growing. And nothing hurts more than when we stop growing! The other option is that we can purposefully use every experience, no matter how dark, to help us grow, love and create more. Nelson Mandela said that his 27 years in prison didn’t break him because it empowered him to lead South Africa to transition. He chose to "Switch On" to life, and such people can inspire us to do the same, whatever situations we face today.

The more "Switched On" we become, digging deeper inside to find new ways to connect, create and contribute, the more light-hearted, relaxed, excited, joyful, generous and fulfilled we become, and the more we can thrive in life.

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