Thursday, 17 June 2010


A while back when TV book clubs were still a new thing, i heard a book mentioned that seemed interesting or so i thought at the time. Even given that during the discussion on the show i could guess some of the main plot of that book!
This being able to guess plots doesn't happen often but when it does it is generally right.
It is worth thinking things over sometimes and this was one of them , i thought about it a few weeks and decided it would be good to have a look see if this book was deserving of the hype it was getting.

After reading maybe three pages i was proven correct. Not worth the hype !
This book was The Conjuror's Martin Davies.

Another book i had heard good things about was The Ringmaster's Jostein Gaarder.
This one promised much but was too long and very complex, i didn't feel any attachment to or investment in the characters either .
Over hyping is a very quick way to kill a book a case in point for this is Beach Road by James Patterson and Pete De Jong. The TV trailer looked good i thought at the time the book again had a bit of a weak and slightly cop out ending {no pun or spoiler intended!}.

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