Monday, 21 June 2010

Teaser Tuesdays

Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme ,hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading .
Anyone can play along ! Just do the following:

  • Grab your current read
  • Open to a random page
  • Share (2} two teaser sentences from somewhere on that page
  • Be careful not to include spoilers!(make sure that what you share doesn’t give too much away! You don’t want to ruin the book for others!)
  • Share the title & author, too, so that other TT participants can add the book to their TBR Lists if they like your teasers!
My teasers are :
"What ever else Imbloc expected to appear at this late stage of her search for her sister the Shield Maiden , it was not a strangely dressed and gangly young hydden, barely more than a boy, climbing up the wet grass towards her."
{ page 10}from Hyddenworld:Spring by William Horwood.

"When it was finished he scribbled one word on a Post-it note and left it with the book by her bedroom door.
Agreed . It said".
{page 146}Hyddenworld:Spring by William Horwood.

The adventure of a lifetime is just beginning . . .

It has lain lost and forgotten for fifteen hundred years in the ancient heartland of England – a scrap of glass and metal melded by fierce fire. It is the lost core of a flawless Sphere made by the greatest of the Anglo-Saxon CraeftLords in memory of the one he loved. Her name was Spring and contained in the very heart of this work is a spark from the Fires of Creation.

But while humans have lost their belief in such things, the Hydden – little people existing on the borders of our world – have not. Breaking the silence of centuries they send one of their own, a young boy, Jack, to live among humans in the hope that he may one day find what has been lost for so long. His journey leads him to Katherine, a girl he rescues from a tragic accident ¬– it’s a meeting that will change everything. It is only through their voyage into the dangerous Hyddenworld that they will realize their destiny, find love and complete the great quest that will save both their worlds from destruction.

Their journey begins with Spring . . .

Another couple of teasers :

"That Lump will never amount to much" ; the sour faced cook snapped as he fiddled with a brimming pot filled with boiled eels and root vegetables.
"Ah, but it's amazing how balanced his temper is when he is treated with kindness;"Firth replied tartly."It's also remarkable how agile the boy becomes when he thinks no one is looking."
{page5} King Arthur:Dragon's Child by M.K.Hume .

The epic tale of the man destined to become Arthur, High King of the Britons

The Dark Ages: a time of chaos and bloodshed. The Roman legions have long deserted the Isles and the despotic Uther Pendragon, High King of Celtic Britain, is nearing death, his kingdom torn apart by the jostling for his throne.

Of unknown parentage, Artorex in growing up in the household of his foster father Lord Ector. One day, three strangers arrive and arrange for Artorex to be taught the martial skills of the warrior; blade and shield, horse and fire, pain and bravery.

When they return, years later, Artorex is not only trained in the arts of battle, he is also a married man. The country is in desperate straits for the great cities of the east are falling to the menace of the Saxon hordes.

Artorex becomes a war chieftain, and wins many battles that earns him the trust of his Celtic warriors and proves that Artorex alone can unite the tribes. But, if he is to fulfil his destiny and become the High King of the Britons, Artorex must find Uther’s crown and sword. The future of Britain is at stake.

Artor smiled as he spoke."How goes your day , Targo?"
"Slowly,slowly.As it does for you ,my lord.You still await news of your proposed truce from your envoys?"
"The waiting tries my patience ,Targo."
{page14}King Arthur ;Warrior of the West by M.K.Hume

Twelve long, blood-soaked years, have passed since Artor fulfilled his destiny and was crowned the High King of the Britons. Against all odds, Artor has united Celtic Britain and with a last great campaign, has banished the Saxon scourge. The legend of Camlann has begun. But even as Artor’s kingdom is at its zenith, even as he has succeeded in conquering all external threats to his rule, his kingdom is being undermined from within.

For Artor has chosen Wenhaver (Guenevere) as a second wife. Queen of the Britons, Wenhaver will always love what she cannot have and have what she cannot love, and her bitterness threatens to bring down all those around her. Not only is Artor betrayed by the one person he should be able to trust, he has also learned of appalling perversion at the heart of his kingdom. He must make a terrible choice. Does he commit a deed that leaves him open to comparison with the despotic Uther Pendragon, or does he let evil go unchecked? The burden of leadership, of power, now rests solely – and heavily – on Artor’s shoulders for Myrddion Merlinus, master tactician, guiding light for so many years, has left Artor to his fate. Could all that Artor has fought for, the destiny of Britain, be lost?Will Britain be torn apart?

{I've done my teasers somewhat differently to avoid spoilers!}


  1. Interesting teasers. I really like the covers too. I hope that your enjoying your books. Here's my teaser.

  2. Thanks Lori! The M.K Hume i love and the cover of the William Horwood is beautiful!

  3. Fantastic teasers! I love the cover of Hyddenworld!

    My TT is here.

  4. Excellent teasers! The Arthur books sound wonderful, and yes, the covers of all three books are really gorgeous.
    Here's my teaser.