Sunday, 27 October 2013

Some spooky reads for kids !

Usborne Spinechillers.
    The Midnight Ghosts by Emma Fischel 
"Strange things are a foot at Twelve Bells End, deep in the heart of the sleepy village of Middle-Knight -on-Sea.Messages appear on mirrors , suddenly icy draughts send a chill through the rooms -
and where is the clock that can be heard striking twelve but not seen?"

House of Shadows by Karen Dolby and Adrienne Kern 
"When Ned and Kit arrive at Hallows Grange , they soon realise that things are not quite what they seem.Haunted by a house which no longer exists , Kit and Ned are transported back in time to witness scenes from the distant past. But will they be able to right a dreadful wrong which has plagued the strange house and its inhabitants throughout history?Their own futures may depend on it..." 

Ghost Train To Nowhere by Phil Roxbee Cox
"The old railway station has been desearted for years, so why are there sounds of whistles in the night  and rumures of trains rushing by?"

The Haunting of Dungeon Creek by Phil Roxbee Cox
"Dungeon Creek is a town with a troubled past.When Boz and JJ buy an old oil painting in the town market , that past seems to reach out to haunt them .But what dark secret does the old painting hold?
And why are so many people interested in it?Boz and JJ find themes;vex drawn deeper and deeper into the strange history of the old coastal town until the story reaches its spine chilling climax on the treacherous rocks of Dungeon Creek."

          Stagefright by Paul Stewtart , Usborne Spinechillers 
"From the moment that Dom arrives at Mask Manor ,it is clear that his stay will be anything but peaceful.Dark forces are at work , and soon Dom finds himself drawn into a nightmare world of ghosts, visions and wicked lies. Aided by a girl called Abi, and led on by mysterious powers beyond his control , Dom  begins to piece together the awful truth of the abandoned Playhouse . But he must act quickly ..for time is running out."

 Usborne Book of Ghost Puzzle Adventures .
The Haunted Tower by Susannah Leigh
"A trip to Spectre's Isle and it's spooky tower embroil Charlie, Nic and Ali into a perilous plot and a quest for phantom treasure ."

The Vanishing Village by Sarah Dixon .
"The Vanishing Village is a spooky story about a strange village that appears at midnight and vanishes without trace by dawn."

The Ghost In The Mirror by Karen Dolby .
"An eerie light, glowing from a window of deserted Grimstone Manor , leads Polly,Sam and Joe on the scariest ghost hunt of their lives."

Usborne Book of Solve Your Own Mystery Stories .
Escape From Blood Castle by Jenny Tyler.

"Escape from Blood Castle is a strange and exciting adventure .Its hero is Intrepid Ivor.Follow him through the underground maze,onto the roof and down into the dungeons of Blood Castle as he hunts for the all-important papers."

The Curse Of The Lost Idol by Gaby Waters.
"The Curse of the Lost Idol is a thrilling adventure and an exciting mystery set in Egypt "

Murder  On The Midnight Plane by Gaby Waters and Graham Round
"Murder on the Midnight Plane is a sinister story of death in the air, a gang of crooks and buried treasure."


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