Monday, 12 July 2010

Q is for ?

The Alphabet in Historical Fiction is hosted at Historical Tapestry .

Quest as in Grail quest : Bernard Cornwell's Grail Quest trilogy is unput downable!

It will have you cheering the hero on and wanting to strangle the odd really dense character also.

I couldn't not include the originator of the phrase/saying "grail quest" could i?

Book 1 had me up till the small hours trying to finish it! As well as crying in parts.

Some chapters of book2 had me crying as i read them . I'm looking forward to book3 the final of the trilogy.

Some if the recent suspence/thrillers out today, could also be termed, "grail quests" although they are not all the same!
I'm not sure which can out first "Da Vinci Code" or this:
In my view this is better.

Daughters of the Grail by Elizabeth Chadwick i got from my local library recently and loved it .Finished reading it in a week,but then i do always devour EC's books!
This one is part of the back catalogue which I've yet to work through.

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